Angular architect / team lead

Angular architect / team lead for 3D/VR platform

Looking for a new challenge? 3State is looking for an angular architect / team led for our 3D/VR platform!


  • are a young, fast-growing company based in Mechelen;
  • are reinventing how people buy, sell, renovate and decorate houses;
  • are building, among others, a web platform based on Angular and WebGL. Experience a demo of our 3State platform!
  • need someone to lead the growing web platform team, improve its quality and performance, and guide it towards web-scale growth.


  • have solid architect-level understanding of Angular development;
  • have working knowledge of nodeJS + mongoDB backends;
  • are good at learning new things quickly;
  • think working on an innovative web-based 3D platform is much more interesting than the 17th line-of-business application;
  • can keep developers from killing each other. Stretch goal: work together productively;
  • prefer small, fast-paced and slightly chaotic over meetings, managers and waterfalls.

Extra brownie points if you:

  • have some experience with 3D modeling, game engines or WebGL;
  • know about cloud architectures and scaling an application to web scale;
  • have had to lead a team before.

Interested? Let’s get to know each other! Mail us at or call 015/480 986.