With the 3State© 3D model, you provide buyers with the possibility to virtually alter the interior during a viewing. In that way, you provide potential buyers with a realistic image of the potential of the house. This makes it much easier for you to sell the house, often even for a higher price!

It is difficult to imagine what the value is of a house when it is decorated in somebody else’s style. Homebuyers therefore often estimate that a house is worth less than it actually is. Hence, many buildings are sold at too low a price. 3State© will change that.

3State © works like this:
  • A scan of the house is made, on location.
  • Automatically, a 3D model is generated that you can alter real-time to the taste of the potential buyers.
  • You will receive the 3D model in a modern or classic design. You can easily work with the empty 3D model of the house and decorate it yourself.
  • You can use the decorated model and high resolution photos on sales sites in order to show the potential of the house.
Differentiate yourself from other realtors

You do not longer need to leave the interior and potential of a house to the imagination with the 3State© platform. Differentiate yourself from other realtors and provide your customers the unique possibility to decorate their future home right now.

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