3D Machine Learning Engineer

3D Machine Learning Engineer for 3D platform

Looking for a new challenge? 3State is looking for a 3D Machine Learning Engineer for our 3D/VR platform!


  • are a young, fast-growing company based in Mechelen;
  • are reinventing how people buy, sell, renovate and decorate houses;
  • are building a fully automated processing chain that takes a 3D scanned building interior and converts it to a complete editable 3D model on a web-based 3D platform. Look here at a demo of our 3State platform!
  • are looking for someone who can put his/her brain to work.


  • have a degree in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning;
  • are comfortable setting up, tweaking and validating deep learning architectures, in particular convolutional neural networks;
  • know how to prepare data to maximize training efficiency;
  • know how to code Tensorflow and make use of GPU processing power effectively;
  • want to use your knowledge and skills to build real, production-quality systems.

Extra brownie points if you:

  • have used deep learning for classification of 3D data;
  • have non-ML computer vision knowledge;
  • know a thing or two about 3D scanners and point clouds.
  • have good Blender skills (modeling, materials…).

Interested? Let’s get to know each other! Mail us at recruiting@3state.eu or call 015/480 986.